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[ Ulee Balang - Nanggro Aceh Darussalam ]

Ulee Balang As The Culture In Indonesia

There are various kinds of culture in Indonesia. It is important to keep that culture for survive. However, the culture has the meaning and value for the country. If you did not know Ulee Balang - Nanggro Aceh Darussalam, here we try to find out what this traditional clothing is. It is mostly used by people who have the relationship with the kingdom in the certain location in Indonesia. Yes, it becomes the traditional clothing for people in NAD but it does not mean you cannot wear it. If you want to wear it, sure, you can wear it in your great moment.

For example, when you are going to celebraty wedding then choosing the traditional wedding concept, it is good to take Ulee Balang for the bridal dress. To get Ulee Balang, you can design it; buy the new one, or even hearing it from the wedding organizer. When wearing it, you will look like the queen from the kingdom in Indonesia.

[ Ulos - Sumatera Utara ]

Ulos Products

Is it too familiar to Ulos - Sumatera Utara? As an Indonesian, you should know what culture your country has. From the origin word, Ulos has the meaning fabric or cloth. There are some dominant color in this traditional clothing like red, white, and black. It looks more beautiful with the variety of woven of gold or silver thread. In some years ago, it is used for the formal event. If you want to give Ulos as the souvenir or gift to your close people, you can buy this traditional clothing which is made in some forms.

You choose to spend your holiday time in North Sumatra. Due to your friends know where you go, so it would be better to buy the souvenirs, wallet, and bags that are made of Ulos. It is not hard to get it all. There are many stores that sell Ulos products in North Sumatra.

[ Bundo Kanduang - Sumatera Barat ]

Indonesian Traditional Clothing

Yes, in this time we will talk about Bundo Kanduang - Sumatera Barat. Minangkabau has its own traditional costume. Well, there is the history of the Bundo Kanduang. Basically, this nicknamed is given to women who lead the kingdom. Some assumed that this nickname is firstly give to Dara Jingga. She was the daughter of the king named Tribuanaraja Mauliawarmadewa. Unfortunately, there is no brief proof for this assumption. Similar to most traditional clothes in Indonesia, both men and women can wear it for special events or moments. It does not matter to wear it in your wedding day. If you take international or modern concept, of course, this cloth does not fit your wedding concept.

Besides for wedding, you can also use it to go to the special custom events. By attending the event and wearing the traditional clothes, you can prove that you love country and all its cultures.

[ Kebaya - Jawa Barat ]

Traditional To Modern Kebaya

The different country has the different culture. When you come to Indonesia and going around this country, there are so many amazing facts about the culture of this country. Yes, Kebaya - Jawa Barat is one of the traditional clothes. Kebaya origin of the word comes from the Arabic abaya which means clothes. Some assume that this traditional clothing comes from Chine and then spraying to Indonesia. Even though it is the traditional clothing but you have varied choices in this modern era. No, it will not make you look so outdate.

When wearing kebaya, you will be able to look fashionable. To choose the suitable kebaya, it would be better to consult to the famous designer. That is right! You can ask your designer to design custom kebaya for you based on your desire. In fact, women love to wear the modern kebaya. It is wrong when you think that it is too outdated to wear these clothes.